Just In: FDC’s Amuriat Arrested in Bushenyi

Police have arrested FDC Presidential Candidate in Bushenyi district.

Amuriat was picked up at around Kyamuhunga as he was travelling to Rubirizi district where he is scheduled to campaign today.

Police, without giving details, said Amuriat was being transported back to Mbarara.

It is unclear whether the arrest is connected to Wednesday’s incident where Amuriat evaded arrest in Mbarara.

Amuriat fleed from police on a bodaboda

According to Regional Police spokesman Samson Kasasira, Oboi defied police directives on which route to use.

“He opted to use porous routes from Isingiro district through Buremba road in Kakoba Division where he was intercepted at Bishop Stuart University with intentions to go through the main business centre of Mbarara city,” Kasasira said.

“As security tried to engage him, he decided to jump out of his car onto a bodaboda that was part of his convoy.”

While evading arrest, the bodaboda accidentally knocked The DPC of Mbarara SP Rutagiira John.


Police has since launched a manhunt for the cyclist.

Yesterday, Amuriat campaigned in Sheema district

He made this accusation while campaigning at Sheema Stadium where he told locals that President Museveni was this time uncertain about his victory in next year’s elections.

FDCs Patrick Amuriat waving at residents of Butara trading center following conclusion of a rally

This, he said was the reason the president was relying heavily on security organs.

“Mr. Museveni has embarked on spending tax payer’s money to buy new vehicles, to buy new trucks, to buy tear gas, to buy rubber bullets, to buy new guns to run after us. He is mistaken, he will fall properly,” he elaborated.

The FDC candidate called on the people of Ankole to retire President Yoweri Museveni at the January 14, 2021 Presidential elections.

“Some people in other parts of the country think that people from western Uganda actually have benefited from this regime but I have said to them no. Even in western Uganda, there are poor people,” he pointed out.

“I understand that poverty came to western Uganda when Mr. Museveni killed your cooperatives. He killed your Banyankole Kweterana cooperative union, just to keep you people in poverty,” Amuriat said.

FDCs Amuriat together with the aspiring Sheema Municipality MP Virginia Plan counting T-Shirts of defectors on thursday

However while he was allowed to campaign in Bwizibweera Town Council, Bugongi, Butaara and Kitagata, his other rally in Isahaka town in Sheema was blocked by security on grounds that time had elapsed.

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