Judith Heard Reveals Why She Broke Up With Husband Richard Heard

Ugandan model Judith Heard and her husband Richard Heard, who is based in American, called off their relationship in 2014 where it was believed that it was Richard who had ended it.

The couple that is blessed with 3 children shocked fans when they decided to part ways after spending 11 years together.

At that time, Richard was reported to have dumped Judith so as to get back with his first Kenyan wife. However, 4 years later, Judith is finally telling her side of the story.

Speaking in an interview with BBC, the model revealed that she broke up with the father of her children because she needed to regain her independence. Heard said she initially felt fluttered by the great treatment she got from Richard that included paying her sister’s University tuition among others.

“All was well with us but I started hating it when he started controlling every aspect of my life, from how I dressed to what I posted on social media. I couldn’t take it anymore, that’s why I decided to call off our relationship so that one day I will be free and independent.”

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