Judith Heard Hits Back at Critics Over Naked Selfies’ International Media Coverage

International media coverage of socialite and model Judith Heard’s stark-naked photos has resurrected fresh attacks against her over the scandal.

Earlier this year the mother of two’s unclothed photos were allegedly leaked online by her ex-boyfriend after she refused to succumb to his over Shs.10m blackmail.

The photos went viral, catching the attention of the authorities who later summoned her at Central Police Station to record a statement on how her private photos and videos found their way to the Internet.

Judith Heard featured on CNN a few days back

British media house Daily Mail and CNN over the weekend published stories of how Judith Heard fell a victim of revenge porn and her subsequent arrest due to the country’s zero tolerance to pornography online.

Screen shots of the stories have since gone viral online with many fans saying she finally got her 5 seconds of international fame that she has worked for all her life.

However, Judith Heard is not letting the negative comments get to her if her latest post on Instagram is anything to go by.

Judith Heard’s story on Daily Mail

The Nalongo has vowed to stand tall against the storm, posting, “HELLO MONDAY when people try to put you down, just stand tall & it will be them who will be left feeling small.”

Judith Heard recently represented Uganda alongside Paris based fashion designer Stella Atal at the UNESCO Africa Fashion show that took place in Paris, France last weekend.

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