Judiciary’s Kagole Kivumbi Ordered to Table Operational, Bank Account Details

Despite submitting several files to the Public Accounts Committee (PAC) today, the judiciary’s permanent secretary Kagole Kivumbi woes are far from over.

Nathan Nandala Mafabi the PAC chairperson has directed that he files a comprehensive list of bank accounts on which sector operations are executed.

Financial statements running from 2016 to date are also required for purposes of this probe.

“You have given us all the information; you must also confirm that all the accounts on which public money went on have been submitted” Mafabi rules.

The PS is being probed by the committee on a number of issues that arose from the Auditor General report last year.

Amongst the queries include 1.7 billion shillings that was extended to staff without clear documentation and an irregular facilitation of 1.4 billion shillings.

Also at the center of the probe are irregularly accrued rent arrears which Okin Ojara the PAC vice chairperson says could have been avoided.

According to the Auditor General (AG) John Muwanga’s June 2018 report, rent worth 2.7 billion was incurred without authorization of the appropriation body. Muwanga goes on to observe that in a statement of financial position only 3.3 billion shillings was highlighted leaving 2.7 billion at bay.


Key among the beneficiaries is Meera Investments who was paid a total of 367 million for hosting the Anti-Corruption and war crimes division court in Kololo.

Using his capacity, Mafabi last week wrote to judiciary seeking staff details and personal bank accounts, unspent accountabilities amounting to 800 million and 34 billion in mischarged expenditure.

However, legislators were thrown in frenzy when one of the assigned officers a one D/AIP Micheal Olwoch retorted that no progress has been achieved.

Mafabi says talks are ongoing on the possibility of conducting a deep reaching audit of the whole sector.

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