Judiciary Vows to Act on Judges Involved in Land Grabbing Deals

The judiciary has come out promising to deal with some of its officers who have been cited in enabling the rampant land grabbing in the country.

This comes days after the head of the Land Commission of Inquiry, Justice Catherine Bamugemereire accused some judicial officers of making the commission’s work difficult through their rulings, court orders, judgments and injunctions, which have led to eviction of thousands of bibanja holders.

Bamugemereire point out a 2017 High court ruling by Justice Godfrey Namundi who ruled that part of the Kajjansi Forestry Reserve belonged to some individuals who had presented land titles, thus declaring NFA who were stopping encroachment as trespassers, and awarding 200 million shillings as damages for this suit.

Chief Justice Hon Bart Katureebe while responding to the commission’s concerns today’ regretted the actions of the said judicial officers, but also expressed disappointment for bringing this matter up publicly, before it was discussed internally.

He said the commission should have investigated the officers and included them in their final report to the president.

“The judiciary as well as government would have studied that report and taken appropriate action on the mentioned officers and even allowed them opportunity to defend themselves,” Katureebe said.

Nonetheless the CJ promised to look further into the concerns and try to take appropriate action.

Any judicial officer found to have acted outside the law, he said, will be dealt with accordingly.”


The Principle judge who is in charge in monitoring and administration of all High courts in the country said that actions of few individuals shouldn’t be used to make the whole judiciary a culprit.

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