Judiciary To Introduce Mobile Van Courts to Handle Land Grabbing Cases

As cases related to land grabbing and mass evictions continues to dominate various parts of the country, the judiciary has come up with a number of innovations aimed at ensuring that people involved in land issues get timely justice.

Having realised that many judges don’t visit the land in question, even when they are required by the law, the judiciary administration is now set to introduce mobile courts housed in mobile vans built in a court format.

Justice Paul Gadenya revealed that this new innovation will enable many people to participate in hearing land matters without incurring much costs.

These mobile vans have not yet arrived in the country but this program will be launched as soon they come in.

The revelation was made as Members of Parliament on Budgetary committee met the judiciary leadership to whom they reported various areas in the judiciary which need to be improved upon if people are to receive justice in land cases.

The revelation follows one such case involving Lusanja land victims who were evicted from their land on orders of court, and are still struggling to regain back their land or decent places of resident

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