Judiciary PS Kagole Kivumbi Snubs PAC Hearing

Legislators were on Tuesday left fuming following failure by Kagole Kivumbi, the Judiciary Permanent Secretary to show up for a Public Accounts Committee (PAC) hearing.

Kagole was scheduled to respond to queries raised by the Auditor General (AG) John Muwanga in his June 2018 report.

Esther Nambayo, the Judiciary chief registrar said they had received information from his attorney that he was unwell and could not appear.

Chief Registrar Esther Nambayo

Asked who was eligible to represent the PS, Nambayo said would have been the undersecretary but was not instructed to do so.

Responding to this, Nathan Nandala Mafabi the PAC committee chairperson wondered why Kivumbi could not deliver this message in writing or in person.

After yesterday’s session Kagole Kivumbi told Mafabi that he was having an eye problem and begged to be allowed to wear sun glasses.

“Yesterday he came to the office to tell us that he has a problem with his eye. And we said fine we will understand. If you feel you are not fine tell us to stop. But he said that he will handle”, Nandala said.

Mafabi in the end told the chief registrar to tell Kivumbi to turn up today Wednesday at 10 am or summons would be issued.


“Right now you are going to act as our post office and deliver the letter even if he is at home. The meeting is adjourned to 10 am tomorrow.”

Notably, the Auditor General wants Kagole to elaborate why funds amounting to 134 billion were diverted for other purposes.

Kivumbi is also implicated by the AGs 2017/18 report for diverting 3.2 billion to purchase cars for 10 newly appointed judges.

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