Judicial Officers Called to Prioritize Cases of the Needy

Principal Judge, Justice Yorokamu Bamwiine has asked judges and magistrates to always give priority to cases involving the less privileged instead of focusing only on the rich.

“I implore my fellow judicial officers, give priority to matters involving the poor and defenseless,” Bamwiine pleaded while officiating at the Judiciary Open Day at the Nabweru Chief Magistrates Court.

At the event, residents told to Bamwine numerous stories of how they find difficulties pursuing justice due to lack of money.

Among other concerns raised by resident’s disappearance of files, corrupt officials, and delay of cases.

In response, the Principal judge asked all Magistrates at Nabweru to always to approach their schedule case by case.

“We are tired of people coming to court and ending up not being served to their expectations,” he said.

Bamwiine on the other hand praised the efforts made so far in reducing case backlog.

“Since the introduction of Plea bargaining, the number of remand prisoners has greatly decreased and when I retire next month, I will be happy that at least I have done something important during my tenure in office,” he said.

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