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Judges Irked By Defilement in Rwenzori Region

There was drama over the weekend at Club Venom when a bitter exchange ensued between singer, order Jose Chameleon and one Roja, link a Dj at the club.

In an exclusive interview with Roja, web he says that the trouble started when one of Chameleone’s men approached him with a flash disk and asked him to play the singer’s latest song for the audience to have a feel of him since he (chameleon) was in the house.

“I asked him to pass it to the next Dj as the Mac Book I was using to play the music had both ports engaged,” Roja said.

Rojer says that the first messenger left only to return minutes later in a group led by one, Producer Kays and insisted that Chameleone’s songs had to be played.

“They violently accused me of playing lousy music when the music doctor was in the house,” Roja said.

When Roja turned down the demands of the group, Chameleone himself showed up at the DJ’s box and started asking why Roja was acting so adamantly.

When Roja declined to play the music saying that he was being distracted from performing his duties, Chameleone swiftly grabbed a microphone and told the club that the DJ was incompetent and that he was playing lousy music.

Things turned physical as the club security tried to pull the singer from the stage and in the due process, the Wale Wale singer hurled a broken wine glass at Roja.


The singer who is not new to physical fights with fellow artists and DJs remained restless until DJ Roja’s time was up and the next DJ played a number of his songs.
The Court of Appeal judges sitting in Fort Portal have been irked by the rampant cases of defilement and murder in the Rwenzori region.

The acting chief justice, approved Steven Kavuma and two others, Fort Portal resident Judge, David Batema and Justice Vincent Ogwang from Gulu are camped in Fort Portal to handle a mini High Court session to try capital offenses for two weeks.

The court that kicked off today will handle the 30 cases of inmates who appealed to the court claiming that they had spent over 10 years on remand without being tried.

Cases to be handled include 11 defilements, 8 murders, 2 Man slaughters and 10 aggravated robberies.

The acting chief justice Steven Kavuma while addressing representatives from the judiciary, Prisons, Police, human rights organizations on Monday said that 30 out of the 64 capital cases that were ready for trail shall be handled during this session which is the first of its kind in Fort Portal.

Justice Batema said that the judges were vexed by the rampant defilement which sometimes involve minors who are at times infected with HIVor murdered.

He further noted that Rwenzori region experiences an influx of Congolese refugees who commit offenses such as defilement and murder and later run back to their home country without being charged.

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