Judgement in Kasiwukira Murder Case to Be Delivered Today

Today is the long awaited day which most Ugandans especially city dwellers have been waiting for to hear the court’s judgement on the murder case of city business man Eriya Bugembe Sebunya a.k.a Kasiwukira.

High court judge justice  wilson is expected to deliver this judgement before mid day today

Kasiwukira was a prominent city tycoon, doctor a member of Kwagalana group who owned a number businesses both in the city center and outside town.

Among the buildings he owned in the city center is Nalubwama arcade on Ben Kiwanuka street, Timuseewo Mpoza on William street and Angels plaza on Nabugabo road.

He owned Seb Hotel in Muyenga and Zana along Entebbe road as well as Seb construction among others.

He was killed in October 2014 as he was on his morning physical exercise near his home in diplomatic zone Muyenga, Kampala district after being knocked by a car which many people described as an accident although others described it as a planned plot by some people to kill the innocent man.

Among the people who are suspected to have participated in this murder is Sarah Nabikolo Sebunya (widow), Nakungu Sandra (sister to Sarah) and Ashraf Jadeni a police officer at Muyenga community police.

These were arrested a few weeks after the death of the tycoon and were charged with murder at Makindye magistrates court in November 2014.


The state produced 23 witnesses pinning them as for them they opted for to defend themselves on sworn testimony but didnt bring any other defense witness apart from themselves.

Two court assesors, in their opinion advised court to convict the three accused persons on grounds that the prosecution witnesses clearly brought up the level of participation of each of the three in this murder.

The other ingredients required by law to prove a murder offence like there was death of an individual, the death was unlawful and there was malice afore thought are not disputed by both sides therefore the state had to prove that it’s the acussed persons that killed the deceased.

It’s now up to the judge to weigh the evidence on record and decide whether to convict or acquit the accused persons.

On conviction the convict may suffer death or life imprisonment depending on the mitigation factors.

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