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JUBA: How Mysterious Presidential Palace Gunfire Happened

The genesis of the heavy devastating gunfire between the South Sudan President Salva Kiir’s forces and those of his vice Dr. Riek Machar has remained a mystery – even days later.

The world is waiting to hear the truth from the two leaders but ChimpReports can confirm that the duo who were together at the presidential palace commonly known as J1 are also blue about it and desperately looking for how the ugly event started.

Sources who were at J1 on the fateful day recounted to this website how the terrible occurrence that claimed over 270 lives within two hours started.

The guards of Kiir and Machar did not even squarely face each other but an absolutely odd and convoluted force that stormed the main entry of the palace with a very strange demand.

“The boys (guards) from both sides were even sharing water, medicine chatting and doing cigarettes. A funny and different group joined them with the unthinkable idea, ” a source we are not naming said.

The weird force that emerged with heavy machine guns astonishingly told the two friendly groups at the gate that they were at the place to rescue Dr. Machar whom they claim was under arrest.


Machar’s guards at the gate disowned the third force and obviously the situation immediately changed.


Both Kiir and Machar forces that were originally at the gate started taking positions to face the odd group and also to brief their colleagues in the last defense ring about the new development.

The intruding force started shooting the combined guards at the gate before any clear communication was made to middle and inner security rings.

The lethal odd force summarily exterminated dozens of the combined guards to force their way into the inner strategic hall where Kiir, Machar, 2nd Vice President Wani Igga and Internal Affairs minister Alfred Lado Gore were having a meeting.

“The strange force quickly reached to their triggers and seriously knocked out (killed) almost the entire guards at the gate,” the source added.

The situation was aggravated by the inadequate information available that made the majority of Kiir and Machar forces to hastily suspect each other.

The two friendly forces started shooting each other in addition to facing the daring rapidly advancing intruders.

The beneficiaries were the intruders who kept on progressing as Kiir and Machar’s forces eliminated each other.

“The unknown ‘third force’ was unfortunately rolling in as the good guys were ignorantly slaughtering themselves.”

The advancing intruders were only stopped by the last line of defense at the presidential palace that did not join the fighting outside the compound but maintained their original positions.

The two principals were almost accessed by the intruders. The game was only changed by the Kiir’s elite commando unit.

At the meeting room, president Kiir asked Machar if he knew anything about the group but the latter said he knew nothing.

The duo jointly addressed the nation even when the gunshots were still going on.

They uniformly said they were not aware and couldn’t explain what was happening.

“We have been in a meeting and we really don’t know what’s happening outside. But we have formed a committee to start investigations,” said Kiir at a presser.

Jebel shelling

ChimpReports is told that after exiting J1, Kiir immediately telephoned the SPLA Chief of Staff, Gen. Paul Mawan Malong to follow the deadly intruders who retreated after the horrible shootings.

Gen. Malong immediately organized commandos and the air force special teams to pursue the intruders that they believed took the direction of Machar’s base in Jebel.

Machar’s commandos however failed to get the attackers whom he suspected to have found refuge at Jebel.

That’s how the airforce and artillery unit shelled Jebel, destroying Machar’s residence and his main military base.

Nothing was realized and instead Machar’s guards responded with bullets.

The SPLA In Opposition on Sunday released a message saying they were attacked by Kiir’s forces whom they later repulsed.

Machar has since fled his home in Jebel.

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