Journalists Want Convicted Former DPC Dismissed From Police

Uganda Human Rights Network for Journalists (HRNJ) have asked the Police Force to dismiss with disgrace former Old Kampala DPC Joram Mwesigye who was last week convicted of assaulting journalists.

On Friday, cure Buganda Road Grade One Magistrate Gladys Kamasanyu   sentenced Mwesigye to a one million shillings fine after being convicted of assaulting and causing harm to former WBS cameraman Andrew Lwanga in 2015.

Addressing a news conference on Tuesday in Kampala, visit this HRNJ National Coordinator Robert Ssempala said Section 47 of the Police Act should be invoked and the brutal senior police officer dismissed from the force.

“The court proved that he is no longer a suspect but convicted criminal who should be dismissed for the his discreditable conduct, viagra ” Ssempala said.

“He ought to be dismissed with disgrace so as to act as a deterrent action to other officers who would wish to be involved in similar offences.”

The journalist’s body revealed that they will be writing to the Police Council and the Public Service Commission in regard to this call.

The Buganda Road Magistrate in her judgment said Mwesigye, a senior police officer acted unprofessional when he assaulted a journalist who had put on a shirt well labeled with his media house’s name.

According to HRNJ, the former DPC is no longer fit to put on the police uniform because of his conduct.


“We don’t expect him to still represent the police force meant to serve and protect citizens. He is a convicted criminal.”

The journalists’ body said they had finalized plans to write to all embassies to treat   the interdicted police officer as a criminal who cannot be associated with.

Meanwhile, HRNJ blasted the police investigating officer identified as Moreen Anenyo whom they said worked in favor of the ‘criminal’ during the case.

“She visited the scene, saw the stick used to clobber Lwanga but never tendered its pieces as evidence in court. He never told court that Lwanga’s camera had been destroyed,” Ssempala said.

According to the HRNJ national coordinator, on many occasions the investigator acted in a funny manner as she tried testifying in court against her fellow police officer, Joram Mwesigye.

The journalists also asked for an investigation into the unprofessional conduct of the police surgeon Dr. Emmanuel Nuwamanya on the way he handled the case.

“When he checked Lwanga, a day after being beaten, he made a report that he had only found scars on his body yet this wasn’t true. We are also writing to the Medical Council to investigate his unprofessional conduct.”

The journalists’ body also revealed they are set to appeal the sentence given to the former Old Kampala DPC saying it was not proportional to the offence he was convicted of.

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