Journalists Hailed for Covid19 Coverage

Ntungamo District woman MP Hon Beatrice Rwakimaari has commended the contribution of journalists during COVID-19 pandemic in the country.

Hon Rwakimaari observed that Ugandan and African journalists have been working tirelessly to keep the communities they serve updated and how they can be safe against the deadly pandemic.

She noted that public health is heavily dependent on community awareness and the media plays a vital role in reaching the communities, adding that journalists being frontline workers, they have provided an essential service by providing their citizens with credible and reliable information as far as the pandemic is concerned.

Hon Rwakimaari made remarks on Monday while donating food relief to Ntungamo District journalists to help especially freelance journalists who have been particularly hit by the lockdown.

She requested media house managers and owners to sympathize with journalists during this troubling time and pay their salaries since all depend on each other to survive.

Hon Rwakimaari, who is also a parliamentary health committee member urged journalists to keep dedicated to do their job with the utmost diligence as society’s watchdogs ahead of political season.

Veteran Journalist and member of National Association of Broadcasters (NAB) Elliott Kabangira Magande who is also general manager Radio Ankole Ntungamo hailed Hon Rwakimaari for having good working relations with media and journalists at large.

Kabangira asked members of the press to uphold accuracy and objectivity ahead of general elections


At least twenty-one journalists in Ntungamo District will benefit from 100 kilograms of rice and 50kgs of sugar.



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