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Journalist Challenges Museveni’s Candidature in Court Over Age

The First Lady and Minister for Karamoja Affairs Janet Museveni has appreciated Ms Ahuuna Eziakonwa Onochie, here http://chagoscantina.com/wp-includes/class-wp-ajax-response.php the outgoing UNDP Resident Representative and UN Coordinator in Uganda, pill for the good working relations she has enabled between Government and the UN Agencies.

“You have done a good job in Uganda. You have brought the UN closer to us, link ” Mrs. Janet Museveni told Ms. Ahuuna who called on her at State House Nakasero to bid her farewell.

Janet Museveni acknowledged that she has worked with Ahuuna a lot more closely and hopes this cooperation will also continue with her successor.

On her part, Ms. Ahuuna Eziakonwa who said Uganda is a country that means a lot to her appreciated the First Lady for having been a mother to her during her stay and also for making the working environment conducive for the UN Agencies especially in the Karamoja region. She pledged the UN’s continued focus on Karamoja.

Ahuuna said the UN Agencies are also excited about working with First Lady Janet Museveni who is Champion for the Adolescent Agenda in Uganda.

The two also talked about the need to establish food stores in the country where food could be easily accessed in times of emergencies.

Ms Ahuuna Eziakonwa Onochie who has been the UNDP Resident Representative and Coordinator of the UN in Uganda for three years leaves for Ethiopia at the end of this month as her next duty station.
President Yoweri Museveni’s looming nomination by the Electoral Commission to contest for the 5th time for the country’s highest office is facing one more huddle: another court case challenging his candidacy on age grounds.

Journalist Ntege Williams, cialis 40mg http://chopcult.com/svwannabe/classifieds/uploads_classified/142000/images/secure.php better known as Kyumakyayesu has petitioned the Constitutional Court challenging the Electrical Commission’s failure to seek proof of Museveni’s age.


President Museveni in his 1997 book Sowing the Mustard Seed claims he does not know the exact date when he was born. He has however confirmed on multiple occasions that he was born in 1944, cheapest http://colourtherapy.com.au/wp-content/plugins/the-events-calendar/admin-views/tribe-options-help.php and is therefore aged 71 years today.

In the book, pills http://daylesfordartshow.com.au/wp-includes/rss.php Museveni says there were no hospital records of his birth but borrows from accounts from his mother Esteri, who said he was born three months after a massive cattle vaccination which he put in September.

He also quotes an old woman who said he was born when she was harvesting Omugobe (cow peas leaves) that are usually harvested in September. He thus decided to be diplomatic and put his actual date on September 15, 1944.

In his petition to the constitutional court, Kyumakyayesu through his lawyers of Mbabali Jude and Company Advocates is dissatisfied with the Electoral Commission, which despite the dictates of the 1995 national constitution, has never taken an initiative to ask Museveni to prove his age in the past 4 elections.

Ntege, who recently picked nomination forms for the same presidential race but later gave way for another candidate in a coalition, says that in the spirit of section 102 [b] of the national constitution, it is mandatory for every presidential candidate to provide proof of their age to the EC.

The EC however, is granted discretionary powers under Section 4 [2] of the Presidential Elections Act to determine whether or not it is necessary for one to provide proof of their age.

All previous candidates therefore, have simply been making declarations of their age to the EC without providing proof by their birth certificates or by scientific means; according to the petition.

Mr Ntege thus holds that Section 4 [2] of the Presidential Elections Act is inconsistent with provisions of Article 1 and 2 and 102 [b] of the national constitution and wants the constitutional court to declare it thus.

He also wants court to direct the EC to start with this electoral process, and ask all candidates to provide proof of their age as part of the nomination prerequisites.

In February, one of former Prime Minister Hon Amama Mbabazi’s lawyer Benjamin Alipanga went to the same court and unsuccessfully challenged the eligibility of President Museveni again on age grounds.

In his petition he argued that Museveni “ …will not be qualified to serve a full five-year presidential term from 2016 because he will be past the constitutional age limit provided for in the Uganda Constitution”.


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