John Blaq’s Breakthrough Inspired Me to Sing – Singer Nisay P

In life, we all have things or people who inspire and encourage us to achieve our desires and dreams.

In most cases, we don’t get to meet them in person or interact with them to really express ourselves as to how we are moved by their actions or work.

However, some other people are lucky enough to have access to rub shoulders with their idols.

One such lucky individual is upcoming singer Nisay P alias Celebrity Boyfriend who came out of the box and unleashed himself, proving to the world that if John Blaq can, he too can.

The singer recently released his second single ‘Die for You’ that is already enjoying massive airplay on TV and Radio.

During an interview with the legendary Dj Shiru over the weekend, Nisay P revealed that singer John Blaq’s breakthrough played a very big role in his music career, in fact, he got inspired to start doing music after seeing how Blaq made it.

Nisay P, who hails from Busoga region, said John Blaq is a big icon just like late Mowzey Radio and everybody dreams of becoming like him.

This is because the ‘Makanika’ songster has achieved great success in a period of just two years.


John Blaq is currently one of Busoga’s biggest exports and Nisay P dreams of joining hands with him to take Busoga to the next level through music.


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