Jinja: Police Blocks Nancy Kalembe’s Initial Campaign Meeting

Police in Jinja has this afternoon blocked presidential candidate Nancy Kalembe from conducting her first presidential campaign meeting in the new Eastern city.

Kalembe was supposed to meet her Jinja electorates at Kakindu stadium located in the middle of the city but police cordoned off the area and asked people to vacate it.

According to the Jinja Police District Commander Ahmed Asunira, Kalembe needs to harmonize her program with the Electoral Commission before proceeding with her campaign plans in the city.

When she arrived at the venue, police blocked her and she was driven to the district Electoral Commission offices where a closed door meeting is taking place.

Security road blocks and check points have been mounted within the city. Police patrol vehicles have also been seen patrolling the various city streets and roads.

It has been established that the presidential hopeful was supposed to be in Jinja on Monday but she didn’t show up.

Earlier, Kalembe told the press that she had postponed her initial campaign program because she had lost a relative and needed to attend to family matters first.

However, the situation still indicates that she might not be able to carry out her campaigns in Jinja today.


This is a developing story, more details will be added.


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