Jinja Municipality Shuns Umeme for Solar over Huge Debt

Jinja Municipality Mayor Majid Batambuze on Wednesday commissioned a project that will see solar lights to provide security installed in various streets in the main town.

The initiative came after the town had spent over two years without security lights on streets, which had escalated criminality in the area due to increased darkness, prompting public complaints.

According to Mayor Batambuze, Jinja municipal had accumulated a debt of Shs1 billion, forcing the latter to cut off electricity.

The town dwellers say that the darkness at night had attracted thieves, robbers, and rapists.

Streets with solar security lights

During the launch, the mayor said that instead of hydroelectricity powered lights, they will now being using solar such that they reduce costs spent on power, and be able to pay off the Umeme debt.

He told newsmen that over 40 solar lights had been acquired for the cause.

Shs500 million will be spent on the project, according to the mayor.

Jinja Mayor launching solar security lights

Yunus Kyawalyanga, one of the town dwellers lauded the mayor for the initiative, saying that it will boost night business.


These lights have so far been installed on Nile Avenue Road, Bax Road and they are currently working on the main street in Jinja.

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