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Jinja: Fire Leaves Hundreds Homeless, Residents Fight Police

Over 500 residents of Work’s Village, a trading hub along Obote Road in Jinja Town have been left desperate after a fire on Monday night razed all their houses.

Though uncertain about the real cause of the fire, one resident told this website that it could have resulted from the unstable electricity experienced during the night while the other said it started from a charcoal stove at around 9pm.

“The fire started in one of the small houses in the corner after electricity kept going on and off,” on resident said.

Works Village houses lots of people who conduct business, including restaurants and bars. It’s also a residential area.

The fire said to have destroyed millions of property

As the fire raged on, people tried to save some of the property, but those who rescued some say it was again stolen by thugs.

“We need help, we do not have where to go; all our properties have been burnt and the little that has remained has also been stolen,” said one of the residents.

The aggressive fire went on for over one hour before the fire brigade appeared, and even when it came, they had no water.

“We have been here trying to stop the fire but when the fire brigade came, it had no water. We see no use in fire brigade in Jinja,” angry residents said.


On returning with water, the already angry locals chase the police fire brigade officers, and smashed the truck windshield.

“We do not want here police or else we shall deal with them,” said a local.

Chairman speaks out

Muhammed Mwanje, the LC1 chairman of the area, while speaking to our reporter gave a different version of what led to the fire.

According to him, a one Onzima had “promised to burn these houses after having a fight with one of the friends and since the fire gut this place Onzima is nowhere to be seen.”

ASP Colline Zagaba confirmed that the police learnt about this fire at around 8pm and they have sent experts to the scene to find out what exactly caused this fire.




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