Jimmy Akena’s UPC Mourns Joseph Bossa

The Uganda People’s Congress (UPC) party president Jimmy Akena has said that the party will honour their fallen hero Joseph Bossa for the roles he played for UPC.

Bossa, who served as the party vice president under Olara Otunnu died on Monday in The Hague, Netherlands where he was undergoing treatment.

Addressing journalists at party headquarters in Kampala today, Akena said the deceased will be honoured for the work he did for the party.

“We are going to honour him for the roles he played as secretary general first from 2010 and subsequently as vice president in the Olara Otunnu administration. We will honour him in that capacity,” said Akena

At the beginning of this year, the faction of Akena announced that they had dismissed Bossa from UPC with three others Peter Walubiri, Jacinta Ogwal and Isha Otto. The matter went to court and is still there to this date.

Akena however, refused to comment on the court case, telling reporters, “In times of loss and grief, let’s honour people and not look for areas on where we build on disagreement.”

“In 2010, Olara Otunnu was elected for the term of 5 years and the first appointment he made was Joseph Bossa as secretary general of the party. So we will honour him in that capacity”

He added, “Matters of Court, let us leave it out on this one. At this moment we have lost a member who has served our party.”


Bossa once worked in Bank of Uganda and later as a lawyer, in which he fought among others Government to compensate George William Kakoma for composing national anthem in 1961.

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