Jimmy Akena Up for Reelection as UPC President

President of Uganda People’s Congress party (UPC) Hon Jimmy Akena has announced he will be seeking reelection as party President in May 2020 when the party holds its primaries.

Akena told press yesterday that he has submitted his candidature to the delegates conference which is the supreme organ of the party.

“I have offered myself for re – election as party President, that according to our roadmap will take place sometime in May 2020,” said Akena.

It’s the delegates conference which is the supreme organ of the party that sets candidates forward for election, drafts the manifesto for general election and how the party will participate in the general elections.

“I am willing to serve my Party in whatever capacity and I respect the decisions of the party organs. So I have submitted myself to the delegates conference,” he said.

Joint Candidate

Commenting on the idea brought by fellow opposition Party, DP for all opposition parties to front a single presidential candidate against President Museveni in the next general election, Akena disagreed, saying the number one priority should to have bigger number of members of Parliament.

“We need the numbers. Number one priority of all opposition is with in numbers in Parliament. If you don’t have numbers in Parliament, you are not going to be able to influence the processes that take place in Parliament. That is priority number one.”


He noted that in the previous election of 2016, UPC did not line up a presidential candidate because it wanted to focus on lower levels.

“In the last election we said we are not filling a presidential candidate and concentrated on lower levels especially Local Government. We need to build on that foundation.”

“If you believe that you can wake up and put a President and everything workout, best wishes for you. I am going to do the issue of building Party step by step.”

“Even if you come together and you don’t have 50+1, the election is over whether you are together or not,” he said.

Akena however added that as opposition, they need to coordinate and organize themselves to make an influence.


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