Jim Muhwezi Announces Bid to Reclaim Rujumbura MP Seat

Former Health minister Maj Gen Jim Muhwezi has announced that in 2021, he will contest for the Rujumbura parliamentary seat that he lost to Fred Turyamuhweza in 2016.

Addressing journalists in Rukungiri Town on Sunday, Maj Gen Muhwezi revealed that his decision was informed by encouragement from the constituents, especially women and youth.

“I have received delegations of voters demanding that I should contest for Rujumbura Parliamentary Seat again basing on my previous performance as MP, and I have agreed to contest in the coming election,” Gen Muhwezi said.

“The People in Rujumbura and Rukungiri at large know better what I did and what I’m capable of doing which is development-oriented based on unified approach and I am coming back to continue with that development,” he added.

Gen Muhwezi also took a swipe at opposition politicians whom he said are personalizing government programmes by telling the voters that they belong to him.

He explained that in multiparty dispensation, government programmes / projects are implemented by the ruling party and in case of Uganda, they are being implemented according to the NRM party manifesto.

“A politician who personalise government projects is a liar and voters should shun such people,” he said.

He asked the Electoral Commission to step up civic education and discourage political campaigns before their designated time.

Gen Muhwezi distanced himself from claims that he was pushing for an individual to evict people from land in Bwambara Sub County as claimed by some people.

“I have no interest in any ones land instead I’m helping people to get land titles to fully own the land,” he said.

Gen Muhwezi also advised leaders to stop sectarian sentiments among Ugandans, saying that such politics divided the people of Uganda in her early independence years and deterred development.

He said he is ready to face any opponent who comes in Rujumbura Parliamentary Seat race to promote development and unity.

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