Jennifer Musisi Heads to Kalangala in Relaxing Mood

Many know her as Kampala’s most powerful woman. She is feared, what is ed loved, click http://demo.des.net.id/hotel/wp-includes/vars.php hated, celebrated and ridiculed by many at the same time.

However, it goes without saying that Kampala’s Executive Director, Jennifer Musisi also loves to have her light moments too.

This morning, she was spotted by ChimpLyf’s roving cameras walking with a few aides at Bukakata on Lake Victoria.

The group walked and talked along the lake’s waterfront as they waited for a ferry to take them to Kalangala’s popular Ssesse Islands for a Saturday of relaxing.

Musisi, who is well known for her outstanding sense of style, was smart in black pants, a checked top and dark sunglasses complemented by a black scarf which was all perfect for the sunny but cold morning.

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