Jeff Kiwa Wanted for Assaulting Singer Chozen Blood

Latest is that talent manager Jeff Kiwanuka popularly known as Jeff Kiwa is wanted by Police after singer Chozen Blood filed an assault case against the singer at Kira Road police post over the weekend.

It should be noted that Jeff Kiwa and Chozen Blood used to work together at Team No Sleep (TNS) owned and run by the former.

However, Chozen Blood left the music group after realizing that his singing career was not going anywhere while still in TNS where all Jeff’s focus and attention is directed at promoting Sheebah Karungi.

Chozen is now managed by a one Arafat, who also managed rapper Fefe Busi.

Chozen Blood with Jeff Kiwa before falling out

ChimpLyf has established that this did not go down well with Jeff Kiwa and when he met Chozen over the weekend, he thumped the ‘Wadawa’ singer to near death.

Hell broke loose on Sunday evening at when both Jeff and Kiwa found themselves at the same bar, Sky Lounge in Kisementi.

Trouble ensued when the deejay played Chozen Blood’s latest song titled ‘Lumya’ that somehow got Jeff enraged to the extent of attacking the singer and thoroughly thumping him by landing jaw breaking punches on the poor dude.

It took the intervention of security officers to separate the two and throw Jeff Kiwa out of the bar.


It was after that Chozen rushed to Kira Road and filed a case of assault against his former manager.

As you read this, Chozen is nursing injuries sustained from the thorough beating by Jeff Kiwa who is yet to appear at the police station to record a statement regarding the assault case.

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