Jazz Maestro Isaiah Katumwa Mourns Fallen Saxophonist Manu Dibango

More heartfelt condolence messages are still pouring in from the Jazz stars around the World to the family of their fallen fellow Cameroonian jazz, Afrobeat, Afrofunk and African Rumba singer Manu Dibango.

Dibango died on Tuesday March 24 in Paris, France due to Covid-19 complications.

Since his passing, his colleagues and fellow saxophonists are struggling to take it in and with social distancing being one of the vivid workable measures to prevent the spread of the Coronavirus, no singer is allowed to join the family in the burial ceremony.

It is believed that the World Jazz Association including all the renowned Jazz singers all over the World will arrange a special tribute to honor Dibango once the Coronavirus storm is over.

Several touching messages from the singers including Beninise Angelique Kidjo, America’s Darren Rahn and our very own Isaiah Katumwa among others have been posted on their various social media platforms.

Katumwa told Chimpreports that Dibango was one of the Jazz legends he looked up to.

Katumwa narrates, “I have grown up musically with admiration for not so many musicians but among those few Manu Dibango was one of them. The late legendary Bra Hugh introduced me to many great African legends which included the great Manu Dibango a few months before he passed.”

“I had the honor of inviting Manu for my 2018 annual show where together we gave tribute to fallen Hugh Masekela, the friend we shared and one who as well brought us together. It’s always been a dream working with each of these experienced legends. I treasured the opportunity to watch them closely to learn from the wealthy knowledge, experience and consistency,” explained Katumwa.


Asked about the special moments the two have shared, Katumwa responded thus, “I particularly remember a one on one we had with Manu after the show, he opened up his heart to me as we talked. He had also carried a gift for me. He has been an awesome happy man, a true legend, an inspiration and role model I must say.”

About the Covid-19 attack in Uganda, Katumwa urged the population to always pay attention and follow the different measures put in place by the line authorities.

“I am currently in the US and seeing the way our friends are dying this side, I can say that I am worried about home-Uganda and Africa at large knowing our limitations and challenges in the areas of health services.

Please take the Coronavirus very seriously avoid it, fight it as soon as you suspect and above all, please listen and follow the authorities’ measures and guidelines,” he said.

“Lets pray together because ultimately, God is the real help we need,” he concluded.

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