Janet Roots for Self-reliance in HIV Fight

First Lady Janet Museveni has said that it takes sacrifice to build a nation and if Ugandans really agree to sacrifice a little from whatever they have, generic we may be able to help ourselves sooner than later.

“We have been talking about raising funds for HIV/AIDS programmes in the country and I have heard many people say that we can do it if we really get organized. Then we can stand up and walk with our heads high knowing that we do some of our programmes as a Nation without always waiting to be funded by our partners, visit this site even though they have done a good job so far, this web ” she said.

Mrs. Janet Museveni was speaking during a fundraising dinner she hosted for the Uganda Youth Forum at State House Entebbe on Friday.

President Yoweri Museveni also graced the fundraising which collected over Shs400 million in cash and pledges.

The Vice President Edward Ssekandi, the Deputy Speaker of Parliament Jacob Oulanya, a number of Cabinet Ministers, MPs, Pastors and Religious leaders, youth, plus people from the Business Community were among the many well- wishers who thronged statehouse for the occasion.

Mrs. Janet Museveni who founded the Uganda Youth Forum 22 years ago said the organization has empowered the Nation through the young people who learned to live disciplined lives and to protect themselves and their families from catching HIV/AIDS.

It has however been sourcing most of its funding from donor agencies and donor support, which scenario has to change and that is why local stakeholders need to support the worthy initiative so as to share in the collective responsibility of building a better and prosperous Uganda for the children.

“I strongly believe that with collective determination and effort, nothing can defeat us. The destiny of our nation is in our hands, we build for the better by supporting and empowering our young people,” she said.


She also called on men and women to fight for the rights and promote the well-being of the African and Ugandan child who are still suffering on the streets and are being trafficked abroad and sold in slavery. She said there is still a big battle to fight.

She thanked all friends and stakeholders in addressing the challenges that confront the young people and pledged her continued commitment to support the youth.

“Just as the rising sun gives assurance for a new day, so in our youth do we have assurance for the Uganda of today and of the future”, she said.

President Museveni, who joined the dinner on his way from Mbale, said the real solution for the youth, women, men and the elderly is socio-economic transformation of the country.

He said that currently all sectors in Uganda are underutilized citing the a Parish in Bunyaruguru which he recently visited and found that only one homestead out of the 2,500 was practicing commercial farming and the rest were just in subsistence farming.

“As you think about the problems of the youth through the charitable way of fundraising, the real systematic solution is first of all to mobilize everybody to be in commercial agriculture so that the families utilize their land to create much more wealth than they are doing now”.


He gave an example that when Government involved soldiers to distribute seedlings in some parts of the Luwero Triangle, a big surplus of food has been realized even bringing down inflation to 4.3% as reported in the Media.

The massive production will need to be processed and this will lead to establishment of factories which will in turn offer jobs to the youth.

President Museveni who cited a Biblical verse saying ‘Seek ye first the Kingdom of Heaven and rest will be added unto you’, urged Ugandans to focus on modernizing agriculture, expanding industries and ICT and then the country will have bigger possibilities to deal with its social issues.

He said certain problems like HIV/AIDS, even when prospering economically, require the element of preaching to the young and old but before a country has an advanced material base, it needs efforts to fundraise so as to sensitize the people.

The President congratulated his wife for doing commendable efforts in the areas of HIV/AIDS prevention, Orphans welfare, Karamoja transformation and Youth sensitizations.

Quoting the Banyankole saying “Emburiro tefa yona” (If you preach, some of the words will be lost but some fall on fertile land), the President contributed 50 million shillings to the UYF cause.

The UYF Executive Director Leonard Imanishimwe said that they hope to raise about 6 billion shillings that will fund their 3Hs-pronged approach focusing on the head, heart and hands through life skills, leadership and mentoring training, business and entrepreneurship development and patriotism and community service among the young people.

UYF Board Chairman, Dr. James Magara thanked all those who contributed

Renowned Ugandan Gospel singers Judith Babirye, Wilson Bugembe and Herbert Twina plus the Police band were among the entertainers of the day.

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