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Janet Museveni: I’ve Forgiven Stella Nyanzi

First Lady and Education Minister Janet Museveni says she has “forgiven” controversial Makerere researcher, click Dr Stella Nyanzi for abusing and disparaging her on social media.

Nyanzi has in recent weeks stepped a harsh rhetoric against Janet, accusing her of neglecting the girl child.

This followed Janet’s advice to parents to avoid leaving school-going children in the hands of boda boda riders.

“Do not abandon your children to dangerous bodaboda men, but walk them to school,” said Janet.

Dr Nyanzi, who rose to fame by stripping naked at Makerere University in what she called a “protest against the tyranny of Prof Mahmood Mamdani,” responded by launching a severe attack against the First Lady.

In response on Wednesday night, the soft-spoken First Lady said she was yet to comprehend the source of Dr Nyanzi’s rage.

“I have failed to understand where all the anger and hatred by research fellow Stella Nyanzi originates from,” Janet told NTV.

She added: “I have forgiven her.”


Responding to critics who say she is out of touch with reality, Janet said she spent many years “in Karamoja and Ruhaama and I am in touch with our people.”

Dr Nyanzi’s social media posts have shaken the nation and left Museveni’s media strategists scratching their heads.

Chimp Corps say a robust police action against Nyanzi would radicalize her army of followers who would in turn make the situation worse.

Many would as well see the First Lady as using her position to suffocate Nyanzi’s freedom of speech.

But conservatives have frowned on Dr Nyanzi’s lewd posts, with Minister of Ethics & Integrity, Simon Lokodo warning of tough consequences.

“She has gone too far; mudslinging the First Lady is unacceptable and she can’t go far like this. This time we are going to arrest her,” Lokodo told Eagle Online.

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