Janani Luwum Day: Gov’t Honors 2 Bodaboda Riders

As the Janani Luwum day celebrations draw nearer, the Minister of State for Ethics and Integrity Rev Fr Simon Lokodo has applauded two bodaboda riders for their kind efforts to save a person they knew nothing about.

On January 8th 2020 at around 5pm, Malaavu Njuba, chairman of CPS bodaboda stage and his colleague Patrick Nvule tried saving a man who was knocked unconscious in traffic, by a taxi.

“This gentleman had documents, he had two phones, he had money. The taxi driver wanted to run away from the taxi but we stopped him,” Njuba narrated.

“He wasn’t talking or doing anything but just lying down. He hit his head down. This part here (skull) was broken. After like 20 minutes he turned, lifted his hand and touched behind here (the skull) and it was full of blood. I knelt down and asked him; who should we call but he couldn’t talk.”

“I reached in his pocket and picked an iPhone but it had a password. I used his finger to scan and fortunately it opened. I went into the dialed numbers.”

After calling a number of people, Njuba says, a one Arthur called back, and told them to rush the victim to St Catherine’s hospital along Buganda road, where he and four others later joined them.

Njuba and Nvule at the Uganda Media Center

Njuba adds that they handed over to Arthur all the belongings of the victim which included two iPhones and cash which he estimated was in millions.

The victim unfortunately succumbed to the severe head injuries.


The two bodaboda men nonetheless were praised by the deceased’s family and were called to attend the funeral service at Namirembe Cathedral and later Ruharo in Mbarara district where the deceased was laid to rest.

Minister Lokodo while addressing press today thanked the duo for being kind hearted.

“These guys have exhibited values that we Ugandans should have. Respecting humanity, whoever you meet in whatever situation you should respect anyone’s belonging,” he said.

“These guys, I think they are from Kampala or Buganda but they helped someone who was from Mbarara. If they were not honest persons, they would have taken advantage of that victim. They would have taken his documents and then demanded money as many do. But these guys never asked for anything.”

Ahead of the Janani Luwum’s 43rd anniversary, Minister Lokodo described the two men’s story as a testimony of goodness especially in an industry that has a blame of being distractive.

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