James Ssenkubuge Unveiled as DP Lord Mayor Candidate

The Opposition Democratic Party (DP) has on Wednesday unveiled comedian Charles James Ssenkubuge as its flag bearer for Kampala Lord Mayor at a ceremony held at the Party’s Balintuuma offices.

Ssenkubuge, who in 2006 pulled out of the Presidential race at the eleventh hour, arrived accompanied by renowned entertainers who included Leila Kachapizo and Aloysius Joy Matovu among others.

Speaking at the function, Ssenkubuge said he in fact joined the party about forty years ago, and that he was therefore not a Political new comer.

“I got the party card in 1980 when I was looking for votes for Hajj Serunjogi of Kawempe. I was still a young man,” he stated.

The media personality on the other hand hailed Party members for embracing him wholeheartedly even when he was picked at short notice after DPs would-be candidate Beatrice Kayanja’s candidature was nullified by the Electoral Commission (EC).

“It was at short notice. I got it on Thursday and on Friday I was readying myself,” he retorted.

Concluding, Ssenkubuge disclosed that time had come for Kampala residents to access service delivery that unfortunately he said had been overshadowed by political fights.

“Leadership is about working. There are people who are always fighting every other day. When do they work? Other cities are developing at rapid speed. Look at Kigali.


On his part, Democratic Party President Norbert Mao hailed Ssenkubuge’s arrival saying that as a grouping they have no doubts over his leadership abilities and are confident that he can scoop that post.

As such, he implored Ssenkubuge to use his candidature to advocate for an all embracing Kampala City.

“There is trying to make Kampala a blanket that you can fit in alone or trying to develop a Kampala that can accommodate you as well… We are very pleased that a Godly man has come to vie for Kampala,” Mao intimated.

“So Kampala Lord Mayor is a national leader, you must be exemplary to Masaka city and Gulu,” he added.

Mao also lashed at members who have made it a habit to downplay DP candidates and the Party’s efforts aimed at taking state Power.

“Why have we failed to remove Museveni, because we are focusing on the wrong things, some are focusing on Mao…If you are ashamed of DP, get out of DP,” he warned.

Apparently, the Party’s Chairperson for Kampala Sharif Ssentongo Nambaale says no stone shall remain unturned in their quest to recapture Kampala.

“At LC5 we have over 80 aspirants on DP ticket across Kampala. This time round I am ready to deal with anyone who will abandon a DP candidate and flip flop with a non DP candidate,” Nambaale warned.

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