Jack Pemba Claims Account Hacked, Denies Sex Tape

City businessman, Jack Pemba, has denied having anything to do with 22-year-old Suleman Salaam Honey saying that he didn’t make any apology on his social media.

This came shortly after he deleted a post he made of him accepting to have taken part in the circulating sex tape and asking for an apology claiming mistakes are for every human.

“Everyone should know that I am not perfect neither are you. Due to some unknown reasons, and yet to be explained, those images were uploaded in internet by a third party, but I promise that I never intended to hurt anyone out there,” he said.

He however a few hours later changed his Facebook username from Jack Pemba to Jack Pemba Fans club saying the previous name belonged to an impostor.

“My name is Jackson Akim Pemba the video that has been circulating on social media and an alleged apology about the video that came out on Facebook I want to say in the strongest terms that I AM NOT the person in the video that is going around,” he said.

Adding that “I also want to say that I did not make any apology on Facebook as that is a fake account operated by impostors. I repeat the person in the sex video I am currently the Facebook account is fake and I am NOT out of the country on business and will return soon to clarify these issues,”



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