I’ve Done My Best to Prevent NRM Fights – Museveni Tells Teso

President Yoweri Museveni has appealed to the party leadership in Teso sub region to work as a team and eliminate internal squabbles which have over the time served as a stumbling block to the area development.

The president said yesterday that he was dismayed by the violence and infighting which was on display during last week’s NRM primaries, despite his efforts to prevent it.

“We have tried as much as possible to elevate some of the area leaders to key positions in government which would enable them to reach out to the people, yet these people have still been fought fiercely and defeated,” Museveni said.

Milly Babalanda

“Such internal bickering has created an avenue for the penetration of the opposition in the region.”

This was contained in President Museveni’s message that was delivered by his Personal Assistant as NRM Chairman, Mrs Milly Babalanda during an orientation and training exercise of party mobilisers for the sub region organised and facilitated by the Office of the NRM National Chairman.

“Nonetheless, I appeal to the sons and daughters of Teso who are in key leadership and administrative positions to ensure that the area shares in the national opportunities. The wars and bickering will not take us anywhere. These divisions are what allowed the opposition to gain ground and to control Teso in the first place,” he said.

Museveni on the other hand commended the sub region for their role in repulsing the Lord’s Resistance Army insurgents who had spilled into the Sub region from Northern Uganda, mentioning the good work of the area young people under the Arrow Boys flagship.

Speaking at the same event, Junior Fisheries Minister Hellen Adoa assured the team from Kampala that there has been a commendable fight from the party leadership to diffuse opposition prevalence in the area.


“I would like to assure all our visitors from the office of the party Chairman that opposition here is nearly non-existent. All that is needed from our party leaders is unity before we can have the few remnants completely won to our side.”

Minister for Disaster Preparedness Musa Ecweru, on his part emphasised the need for settling personal differences among party members through dialogue.

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