Ivan Semwanga’s Grave Ripped Open

The grave of Ivan Semwanga a South African based Uganda businessman who died in May this year has been ripped open by unknown people.

The grave at Semwanga’s ancestral home in Nakaliro, in Kayunga district was today found dug open.

It is unclear what  the intention of the vandals was but reports suggest that they were after the money that was burried with the deceased.

Friends of Semwanga, who call themsleves the Rich Gang, sprinkled an unknown sum of money in the grave, just before the casket was lowered.

The notes included Uganda Shillings, US Dollars and South African Rands.

The vandals were unable to access inside the grave. They were interupted by dogs which started barking and family makers sounded an alarm.

Luganda Newspaper Bukedde, reports that the family members had initially put security guards to protect the grave, but these were not paid as agreed, by the committe which was appointed to take care of Semwanga’s wealth.

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