Ivan Bogere Fired A Hat Trick Against Masters Security From Malawi As Proline FC Launched Themselves On The Continent On Saturday At Lugogo

Proline, who are on their debut season at the Caf inter-club competitions controlled everything from possession to chances and the goals.

“We had prepared very well and even me, as a person was content that we were going to perform well. I really felt that this was our day and for me to grab a hat trick on the continent, it is very special,” Bogere said shortly after receiving the ball.

Proline’s head coach Shafiq Bisaso was excited with the win and was not short of complimenting his team who bossed their opponents from start to finish.

“We were in control of the game. We possessed the ball more than them and you could see that in the way we scored our goals- most chances and goals were inside their box,” Bisaso said.

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On his side, the visiting coach Abbas Ishmael Makawa congratulated the hosts but blamed their loss on the playing turf which, in his words, is not familiar to them.

“We tried to play well but I think it was a lucky day for Proline. They have punished us for some errors but I also think my boys struggled to play because they are used to a natural grass pitch, not this artificial surface. But I congratulate Proline for the result,” Makawa said.

The two will face again on Friday 23rd in Malawi.

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