IUIU Hands Out free Hand Washing Equipment

Public Hospitals, Schools, Markets and a few private entities like Universities shall benefit from the free hands washing dispensers produced by the Islamic University in Uganda (IUIU).

After the production of the automated hands free washing machine, which was being sold at Shs150,000, IUIU secured a $20,000 grant from the Islamic Education Scientific and Cultural Organization (IESCO) to produce the improved version and give it freely to different communities in Uganda.

Speaking to Chimpreports, Dr Umar Yahaya the project Supervisor and lecturer of Information Technology (IT) at IUIU, said only 30 dispensers had been manufactured.

The machines according to Dr Yahaya will be distributed mainly in the Central region and some to be retained at the University.

“The media estimated using the other price of Shs 150,000, and yet this is a very improved version. The $20,000 managed to produce 30 dispensers with 130,000 litres of its sanitizers,” he noted.

The machines according to Dr Yahaya will be distributed mainly in the Central region and some are to be retained at the University.

One unit estimated at Shs 1.5million includes two tanks, a solar panel, rechargeable battery, a sink, a dispenser box and the internal technology.

The machines according to Dr Yahya were produced by nine students from IUIU, seven alumni and two students who are graduating this year.


One of the inventors Horus Mwaka told Chimpreports that the first machine was established basing on four major components; two taps, Ultrasonic censor, micro-controller and the battery powered by solar energy.

“One tap is for water and the other for liquid soap. When you put your hands at the mouth of the tap, the ultra-sonic censor senses it and then communicates to the micro-controller. The controller then automatically opens the tap.”

The improved version according to the innovators has high sensitivity, with larger tanks and improved technology

Two private universities of Ndejje and Kampala International University (KIU) shall be given these machine.

While launching the dispensers last week, Dr. Elioda Tumwesigye, the Minister of Science and Technology lauded IUIU for the innovation and pledged that ministry would support them.

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