IUCN Declares Masai Giraffes Endangered

The Global authority on the conservation status of wild animals and plants, International Union for Conservation of Nature (IUCN) has classified Masai giraffes found in Kenya and Tanzania as endangered.

The body says the threat to these animals mainly from poaching and changes in land use is now a major concern.

Over the past three decades the population of the Masai Giraffes has been halved to about 35,000.

According to Tanya Sanerib, the International Legal Director for the Center for Biological Diversity, the declaration of this species as endangered is a wakeup call.

“This was devastating news…It really sounds the alarm bell. It indicates that we need to be doing more for giraffes internationally and with whatever tools are available.” She said.

This is the first time the Masai Subspecies Giraffe was assessed on its own but previously, it was included as part of the IUCN red list’s general giraffes listing.

Hunting Giraffes is illegal in Kenya and Tanzania but they are still poached on a large scale for hide, meat, bones and tails.

In Tanzania’s Serengeti National park 2 to 10 percent of the giraffes are hunted illegally every year.


During the most recent Africa Wildlife Economic Summit ChimpReports learnt that the East African region also wants the Africa Elephant to be put on the list of endarenged species.

This is because of the fact declining number of African Elephants in the region as most of them are poached for their ivory.

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