It’s Fake News – Dr Atwine Blasts City Building Rumours

The Permanent Secretary of Health Ministry, Dr. Diana Atwine has scoffed at the detractors on social media linking her to mega buildings in the city suburbs.

Dr. Atwine in a brief statement on social media said she was surprised to see herself tagged in the buildings she has even never seen.

“So I am being awarded wealth on social media. I own all these buildings I have never seen!” said Dr. Atwine.

Twitter and Facebook were lit over the weekend and Monday with the pictures of a newly constructed storied buildings purportedly belonging to Atwine.

Some online websites even carried the story which Atwine now says is false.

The development comes at a time of increased fighting over multi-million dollar supply deals at the Health Ministry.

Atwine, who is under strict orders from Cabinet to procure locally produced essentials including face masks, PPEs, drugs and other items required to fight the Coronavirus pandemic has since turned down business deals from lobbyists of foreign companies.

President Museveni recently said local manufacturing companies should be supported by government, a situation that put Atwine under pressure from importers and agents of foreign businesses.

It’s said Atwine has since turned down the mafia’s offers.

A source at the Health Ministry says the failure to obtain fatty deals from Atwine has left many lobbyists raging with anger, possibly explaining the cyber campaign against her.

The development came after Minister of Health Dr. Jane Ruth Aceng was also linked to cannabis deals.

Aceng in a statement on Sunday vehemently denied the allegations and stated that she has no intentions to join the industry aimed at producing cannabis for medical purposes.

“I have seen social media posts alleging that I am in trouble over Cannabis and others saying I am dealing in cannabis. It’s unfortunate that some people always choose to circulate wrong information,” said Aceng.

“I have not issued any authorization for cannabis growing in Uganda. Cabinet is yet to consider the feasibility of this. Until then, I request the population to ignore the wrong media posts and treat it baseless and malicious,” she added.

The two female officials’ efforts and determination to fight Coronavirus coupled with their closeness to the President has attracted the admiration as well as envy from many people.

The Permanent Secretary, currently preoccupied with the fight against COVID-19, said she would not be diverted from executing her mandate.

“Anyway these are the usual roadblocks put in our way by negative forces with hidden agendas. Like I always say, we shouldn’t be diverted from strategic to petty things,” she said.

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