‘It’s All Rigged’: Musherure Kutesa Challenges Mawogola North NRM MP Election

Shartis Musherure Kutesa has rejected the outcome of Mawogola North NRM parliamentary primary election results, saying she was rigged in different parts of the constituency.

George William Katokoozi, the Sembabule district NRM retuning officer on Wednesday night declared President Museveni’s younger brother Godfrey Aine Kaguta commonly known as “Sodo” as the winner of the vote, defeating two contenders, Shartis Musherure Kutesa, the daughter of Foreign Affairs Minister Sam Kutesa and Salim Kiseka.

Shartis came second with 16,104 votes against 17,343 of Sodo.

“I believe we have not been defeated. We have been cheated, but many times, world over, we know that we should pick up our pieces, fight on and live another day to serve our country,” Musherure said immediately after the declaration of results.

“So I will be submitting my petition covering 6 villages where I have major concerns and seeking the NRM Electoral Commission’s new judgement. I would like to assure my supporters that this is not the end of our journey,” she emphasised.

Asked whether she will consider standing on an independent ticket in the 2021 general elections in case her petition fails to yield results, Shartis said all options remained on the table.

Musherure speaking to the media on Wednesday night

“I will let you know what my decision is on that,” she said, adding, “I wouldn’t like to say anything about that right now.”

Shartis got zero elections at 6 polling stations which was shocking to her.

“It’s impossible to not have at least some number of voters. So, a zero vote means that we did not vote and therefore we need to know why,” she added.

At Kikoma which is one of the polling stations where she garnered zero votes, Musherure said she had polled 345 votes before NRM Electoral Commission chairman Dr Tanga Odoi nullified the results and ordered for a fresh vote.

She said her supporters had already left the polling station by the time Tanga Odoi nullified the earlier results.

“So, I have written my petition to Dr Tanga Odoi’s office and I will seek his judgement on that,” she said.

The polls were held under tight security manned by police and the military.

The initial election was postponed due to violence and counter accusations of rigging and other electoral malpractices.

Sodo performed well in the town council where he is said to be popular among the youthful urban dwellers.

Musherure won in several rural areas where she concentrated during the campaigns.

She supported youth groups and mobilised for extension of social services in several parts of the constituency.

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