Italian Investors Meet Museveni on Granite Exploitation

President Museveni has received and held a meeting with a delegation of Italian entrepreneurs who have expressed interest in investing in the exploitation of granite and marble in Uganda.

The two are major materials in the sector of building and road construction.

The entrepreneurs from the Italy-based INTERCOMINVEST Company on Wednesday paid a courtesy call on the President at State House, viagra 60mg Entebbe.

INTERCOMINVEST is a construction company that was founded in 1987 in Italy and has since registered great success in the fields of school building, search street, information pills industrial and hydraulic systems in Italy, Germany, Poland and Hungary.

The company took steps to work in Africa when it established itself in Equatorial Guinea after the year 2000 as a leader in the field of civil construction, industrial, institutional and in all public and private construction sectors from architectural, structural and plant engineering, among others.

Officials said President Museveni told the delegation that “stones should be used in the building and construction of Municipal roads, walkways and small urban street roads in the country as well as floors of houses.”

He, therefore, advised them to visit areas of Kibaale district in the Bunyoro Sub-Region where there will be able to appreciate the abundant crop of rocks there that could be of great use in their construction work.



Uganda is endowed with hard massive rocks like granites (pink, grey, reddish and greenish varieties), banded and foliated gneisses, migmatites gabbros, quartzite amphibolites, diorites well as massive soft rocks like marble (pink and white), limestone, travertine, sandstone, dolomite.

Others include slabby rocks like slates, flagstone, laterite and volcanic tuffs.

These are abundant are currently locally quarried for construction aggregates, building stones, slates (flooring and cladding), cement and lime manufacture.

The country boosts of huge massive deposits of metamorphic and igneous rocks. These are all near major high ways and population centers.

A number of problems have hindered the development of dimension stone industry in Uganda.

These include among others the high investment and maintenance costs of extractive and processing machinery.

The Italian investors are expected to provide the necessary capital and equipment to exploit the abundant resource.

The delegation included the Chief Executive Officer of INTERCOMINVEST, Mr. Francesco Del Maestro and Eng. Paolo Franco Ciavolella.

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