IT Students Advised To Develop Apps That Support Farmers

Students undertaking Information and Communication Technology related courses have been challenged to play key role in the agricultural sector by developing applications that can support farmers to overcome challenges hindering the growth of the sector.

The call was made by Dr. Drake Patrick Mirembe,  an ICT  Innovator Specialist  while addressing  35 students at the Uganda Technology and Management University  (UTAMU) who  are   undergoing  capacity Building Training to  develop Application to be used in the Agricultural sector .

“Agriculture sector requires the support of all professionals to develop. Farmers need to adopt the modern technology being developed by scientist and other related stakeholders in the ICT sector. The current challenge which most farmers are facing can be addressed by the application of ICT,” he said.

Mirembe noted that  the Agricultural sector  has unexploited  market for  ICT related innovation  “but  such  market opportunities have not been exploited by  Ugandan  Apps developers  which has negatively impacted on the growth  of the sector which is considered to be the back bone of the Country’s Economy.”

According to Mirembe, the major areas which the IT students should focus more on include developing application that can support farmers to access quality market for their produce and monitoring outbreak of diseases and pests.

She also urged the students to develop applications that can help  farmers get access to finance  and extension services which is key in improving  agricultural production both in the crop and livestock sectors respectively.

The 35 Students undergoing the capacity building training were selected from various Universities across the country.  They are undergoing  a five-day training at   UTAMU  University under  the  University’s  (UTAMU Hacks Program) which is being funded by the Uganda  Communication Commission.


Professor Jude Lubega the Vice Chancellor of the University said the best students will be awarded by the commission and those found to be with justifiable projects will be supported to develop their ideas into tangible products that can support the Agriculture sector in the country.


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