Israel’s Netanyahu to Meet African Presidents on Terrorism

As part of his one day visit to Uganda, site Israel Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu is set to meet 8 African presidents at Entebbe State House, pilule ChimpReports has learnt.

Netanyahu will on Monday July 4th, viagra buy have a private visit to Uganda as part of the celebrations to commemorate the anniversary of the Israel raid at Entebbe airport during Idi Amin’s era.

He will visit the  old airport and the control tower, the exact spot where his brother Yoni Netanyahu who commanded the raid was shot from by Ugandan soldiers.

However this website has learnt that after the celebrations, the Israel Prime Minister will proceed to meet with presidents from Uganda (host), Rwanda, Tanzania, Kenya, South Sudan, Ethiopia, Zambia and Malawi  to discuss issues in relation to terrorism.

“He will discuss with the presidents how to combat terrorism and perhaps how to assist in the fight before being hosted to a state dinner by his host President Museveni,”government spokesperson Ofwono Opondo told this website in a phone interview.

On July 4, Uganda will mark 40 years since Israel commandos attacked Entebbe Airport   and rescued over 100 hostages in what is described as one of the most successful and finest raids.

An Air France plane on route from Israel to France was hijacked by pro -Palestinians before forcing it to land at Entebbe airport with over 250 passengers on board prompting Israel to send in their commandos to rescue them.

Chimpreports however managed to have a brief interview with some of the commandos who participated in the raid at Entebbe.


According to Amir Ofer, one of the Israel Defence Forces  commandos  that  orchestrated the mission, the memories of the meticulously done attack are still fresh on his mind.

“We were just called from home to prepare for a ‘difficult’ mission that was coming up in 24 hours and  had to fly for over 4000 km in a 7 hour journey from Israel to Entebbe, a place we never knew about,” Amir told journalists last month.

The commander of the mission Lt. Col. Jonathan  Yoni Netanyahu, brother to now Prime Minister was shot dead by a Ugandan army soldier at Entebbe.

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