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ISO SAFE HOUSE RAID: Lt Arinaitwe of the ‘Rwandan Plan to Kill Museveni’ Arrested by CMI Commandos

By Chimp Investigations Team

Issa Arinaitwe, a controversial military intelligence officer, who in unleashed a dossier claiming Rwanda planned to kill President Museveni, has been arrested.

In January 2018, Arinaitwe, alias Furaha, touched off a firestorm in security circles when claimed that Rwandan President Paul Kagame personally recruited and financed him to kill President Museveni.

Arinaitwe claimed in a public letter to president Museveni that he was on the run because Rwandan security agents wanted him dead.

He claimed to have been recruited in 2009 to execute sensitive missions on behalf of Rwandan security services and had received substantial payments for his operations.

ChimpReports on Sunday morning learnt that Arinaitwe was arrested in the wee hours of Friday after military intelligence crack units with support from Special Forces operators raided safe houses run by the Internal Security Organisation (ISO).

“Issa Arinaitwe is among 20 ISO operatives who were found in ISO safe houses,” said a source who referred anonymity to speak freely.

“They are being interrogated by the military intelligence personnel.”


CMI picked orders from President Museveni to raid the safe houses where operatives were suspected to be torturing people and fabricating evidence to implicate senior army officers in wrongdoing.

This investigative website has learned that ISO agents tried to put up resistance in the pre-dawn attack only to be overwhelmed by persistent and heavy gunfire by commandos.

“The ISO agents tried to fight back only to be outmaneuvered by the military’s crack units,” said the source.

Residents near the safe house near Bahai temple, 4 kms from Kampala city, reported heavy gunfire as CMI operatives raided the ISO complex.

By this Sunday morning, Arinaitwe was still being interrogated by military intelligence personnel.

Arinaitwe is said to have fabricated a report that he was paid by Kagame to kill Museveni to dupe Ugandan security services which were hunting down collaborators of Rwanda’s security.

Arinaitwe was reportedly on a mission to befriend and infiltrate a group of dissidents including a former Ugandan police officer known as Kabanda.

Kabanda says he has evidence implicating Ugandan and Rwandan security personnel in the illegal repatriation of Rwandan refugees.


On ‘fleeing’ Uganda, Lt Arinaitwe reportedly called and met with Kabanda in Ghana, West Africa.

The two reportedly stayed together in an apartment.

However, Kabanda later got suspicious of Arinaitwe’s conduct before relocating to another country.

It is said the national security services of Ghana learnt about Arinaitwe’s plans to kidnap Kabanda.

Fearing arrest in Ghana, Arinaitwe later called ISO boss Kaka Bagyenda and a senior army officer who facilitated his return to Uganda.

He is said to have been staying at an ISO safe house with a one Jack Erasmus Sangirabo who is now on the run.

Arinaitwe was previously cited in shady gold deals with Congolese dealers. He was involved in a fake gold deal that landed businessman Suleiman Mbuga in jail.

Arinaitwe was also reported in a case of ivory trade with a Chinese national known as Mr Yuu.

Sources say ISO safe houses which were raided by the military have since been declared ‘scenes of crime’ and can only be accessed by investigators.

The attack on the safe houses surprised Kaka who enjoys significant support from Security Minister and all-powerful General, Elly Tumwiine.

Insiders say Kaka has vowed to “fight back” and “if possible die like Col Gaddafi.”

Recently, the military raided the residence of Simon Odong, the heady of ISO’s Cyber department.

Defence spokesperson Brigadier Richard Karemire has since refused to comment on the unfolding developments in Uganda’s security services.

But officials say the continued crackdown on ISO’s structures underscore President Museveni’s determination to overhaul the intelligence collection body.

Before Gen Kale Kayihura’s arrest, President Museveni ordered the military to first arrest the then police chief’s blue-eyed boys.

Kaka has since beefed up his personal security with heavily-armed bodyguards.

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