Isingiro District Chairman Assaulted by Mob

The controversial LC 5 Chairman of Isingiro district, Jeremiah Kamurari popularly known as Omugogozi, was Friday assaulted by a mob while on his way home.

The chairman was attacked by a group of tax collectors who were contracted by the Isingiro district leadership to collect revenue from local banana traders, against the wish of the chairman.

Kamurari polled sympathy votes in Isingiro during the 2016 elections, after he stopped taxes imposed on Matooke and other produce dealers in the district.

The district however, disregarded his directive, and contracted tax collectors to keep the revenue collections going.

On Saturday, these tax collectors reportedly rounded him off at Mile 4, along Isingiro; beat him up, and damaged his car windows.

Kamurari, who is known to thrive in chaos, proceeded to hospital and treated his injuries. The following morning on Saturday, he mobilized his supporters to launch an attack on the tax collectors.

Kamurari’s supporters during the counterattack

He marched together with his supporters from Kaberebere Town Council, and forced their way through the deployed police; beating up some of the officers as they headed toward the offices of the tax collectors.

The district chairman and his mob proceeded to demolish all roadside signposts that where banana trucks are stopped to be charged by the tax collectors.

Supporters destroying some of the tax collectors signposts

Later while speaking to Chimpreports, Kamurari told us he launched the counterattack after he was assaulted by stick wielding men who were accompanied by Police.

“We fought the whole night, and as you can see my head was injured during the scuffle and my car was smashed; in the morning I mobilized my people to come and fight together so that we can liberate Isingiro,” he said.

“I went to Divine Mercy Hospital for treatment and I went to police and reported the matter. I will take them to court.”

Kamurari is trying to end at Shs. 30,000 to 50,000 fee levied on each truck of bananas on the road.

Kamurari sis against charging fees from from people transporting bananas

“President (Yoweri) Museveni and the (Local Government) ministry directed us to stop collecting revenue on the highway. If you want to tax people, create more markets, but not waylaying them on the road before they even reach the market,” said the chairman.

Kamurari show a letter from the Local government ministry which stopped roadside tax collection from banana traders

However some of the revenue collection tenderers disagree with the chairman.

One of them, James Arinaitwe says Kamurari will not stop Isingiro district from collecting revenue for development.

“Look at our roads; they are in a terrible state because the chairman has stopped tax collection in the district. They district resolved to charge a loading fee, which he is fighting.”

“The chairman has failed to do what he is supposed to do and is only inciting violence in the district.”

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