Is NTV’s Tinah Teise Bleaching?

The act of bleaching among female celebrities has been picking despite outrage and attacks from fans.

The latest victim being NTV’s Login presenter Christina Mweteise alias Tinah Teise after the emerging of her Miss Uganda western pageant photos where she was first runner up.

A dark Tinah (far right) with other contestants at Miss Uganda western pageant 2012

In the photo, the seemingly dark skinned Kabale Juice was in company of two other contestants as they posed for cameras.

This however gets more confusing with her current looks as she gets lighter each day that passes by a thing that could be attributed to bleaching products.

A light Tinah currently as she slays

One could wonder if it’s either the makeup or camera lighting that makes her appear lighter than how she was born.

We bring you the photos to see and compare.


Tinah gets lighter each day
Tinah Teise also knows how to dress up for occasions





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