Is Bookaway The Perfect Platform For Ground And Ferry Transport?

If you’re a big traveller like I am, you have probably endured the frustration of pre-booking tickets to get around a country. When going to Greece, I needed to find the right ferry tickets between the different islands. In India, I had to find the best transport to take me through the Golden Triangle.

It is a lot of work, considering you have to find out what types of transport are available, which operators are the best, which option fits into your itinerary, and so on. It takes a lot just to get a list of your top 3 options.

This is where Bookaway comes in. Bookaway is an online platform that both aggregates your options and proceeds to book your tickets for you. Instead of trawling through operator and review websites, it will give you a list in just seconds.

But is Bookaway any good? We decided to find out whether Bookaway was accurate, as well as what the booking process is really like.

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Let’s start with accuracy.

Aggregator Accuracy

We tried a number of various journeys, and did our own research before seeing what Bookaway would find for us. It was indeed a lot of admin work that got tedious very quickly, but after a while we had an Excel spreadsheet with all the options for the particular trips.

In nearly every case, Bookaway had at least all the options we had found. Not only that, but where we found the basic options, Bookaway had luxury or first class options for us. Much of the time, Bookaway worked better than our human hands did. It collated reliable operators, the time each would take, what type of ferry, train, bus, or car each was, and how much each would cost.


There was one case where we found a couple of options not found by Bookaway, but for the most part, we found Bookaway’s aggregator comprehensive and accurate.

Booking Process

We also tested out the booking process, along with the cancellation process. Booking was really simple. We just had to click through from the search page, enter our basic details, and enter payment details. Once we had done this, Bookaway sent us our tickets.

Unfortunately, since we are not travelling to Greece anytime soon, we had to cancel the tickets we booked. Bookaway promises 24/7 customer service, and while we did have to wait to speak to a representative, they were certainly available. They provided the refund as promised. It does take 7 to 10 working days to get back into your account, but that is standard.

Having not actually taken a trip with the operators Bookaway connected us with, we got in touch with actual customers who had used Bookaway. For the most part, the responses were positive. The tickets had arrived as promised, and the trip had gone as planned. There were a couple of people who had missed their ferries. The ferry was late and they had gone to get coffee while they waited – and the ferries do not wait for you.

Unfortunately, a site like Bookaway cannot improve the way ferry operators (in particular) operate, but they do provide good service and options if something does go wrong.

Ultimately, Bookaway worked as promised, with comprehensive comparisons of all ground and sea travel options. Booking is easy, and it seems like the process continues smoothly once your booking is done.

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