Iryn Namubiru Blasts Kim Kardashian for Not Mentioning Uganda

Veteran singer Iryn Namubiru has blasted Kim Kardashian for not mention Uganda in her Tweet.

This comes after the Keeping up with the Kardashians reality TV star Tweeted that she was travelling from Africa instead of simply mention the country she was from.

Kanye West with Kim Kardashian and President Museveni at State House Entebbe

On Wednesday October 31st 2018, Kim Tweeted, “I was traveling this year from Africa to Bali and didn’t have a lot of time to do multiple Halloween looks but I LOVE our Victoria’s Secret Angels and I have one more iconic one coming tonight.”

This did not seem to go down well with the ‘Birowoozo’ singer who went bare knuckles on Kim telling her off not to return to the Pearl of Africa.

Kim Kardashian’s Tweet that angered Iryn Namubiru

Namubiru also accused Kim of deliberately refusing to post any pictures of herself or her family during their stay in Uganda on any of her social media pages.

“You deliberately refuse to mention or post any pictures of you and family from your TRIP in UGANDA! Isn’t it funky enough to make it to your social media platforms? Toddanga!” Namubiru Retweeted to Kim Kardashian yesterday November 2 2018.

Iryn Namubiru’s retweet to Kim kardashian

The singer was not the only one to troll Kim for failing to mention Uganda but rather generalize it as Africa.

Others wondered by Kim could fail to mention Uganda, a country in Africa but then write Bali, a province in Indonesia.

One of Kim Kardashian’s followers trolling her

Another sarcastically asked Kim if she was high before informing her that Africa is a continent with 54 countries and then laboured to show her the African map.

This follower laboured to show Kim that Africa has 54 countries

One of her followers asked to mention where in Africa she was and also have respect for them (Africa) because Africa isn’t a small village.

This follower tasked Kim Kardashian to mention the exact country she visited

Kim Kardashian was in Uganda last month with her husband rapper Kanye West and their daughter North West.

The American rapper was here to complete his ‘Yandhi’ album that is due for release on November 23.

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