Irene Namubiru Holds Thanksgiving Ceremony Following L.Victoria Boat Tragedy

Ugandan Pop star Irene Namubiru has held a prayer Ceremony, thanking God for saving her life following the tragic boat accident that took place on Lake Victoria.

Namubiru was involved in a boat accident which claimed the lives of over 32 people in November 24.

The “Nkwagalanyo” singer was among the lucky few to survive after the MV Templar boat capsized on its way from KK Gaba Beach to Mutima beach.

Namubiru hosted a Thanks Giving ceremony at her home on Sunday 10 which saw Pastor Nelson Luke pray for her and the other victims of the boat tragedy.

The singer invited all the people that helped rescue her when the boat capsized. Among them include Brian Musole who hauled her into his boat, Zakia who lent her a phone to get in touch with her people, and the Boda boda man who took her and another survivor Sylvia, through the 21km forest from Mutima Beach among others

The singer on Monday posted on her Instagram page describing the event.

Yesterday was THANKSGIVING at home, Pastor NELSON LUKE prayed for us and I couldn’t do it without these people in the picture (my Rescue Team). I wanted to officially and individually thank each of them. Brian Masole second from the right, then
ZAKIA the lady who freely lent me her phone to call the only number I recalled that time, and also pleaded with the Boda Boda Man to take us through the 21km forest from Mutima Beach.
Next to her is Kabuye the Boda boda man that took me and another survivor Sylvia up to Gaba. (Sylvia got off at Mukwano round about). Then Faridah, Kabuye’s wife. She Lent us her little jackets bambi to keep us warm. I took three including one that covered my head .

We thank GOD for this Life! And I will always thank you all for selflessly extending a helping hand without ever asking for anything in return or MONEY! Not even the fuel for the Boda.


We still have real helpful, kind and honest people in most especially UGANDA and the whole world,” The singer posted.

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