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INVESTIGATION: Is Buganda Katikkiro Mayiga Facing a Palace Coup?

The unfolding events at Buganda Kingdom’s political seat in Mengo have sparked fears of a possible imminent downfall of Buganda’s charismatic but polarizing Prime Minister, information pills http://demo.des.net.id/hotel/wp-includes/theme.php Peter Mayiga.

When Mayiga, http://curaacufeni.com/wp-admin/includes/media.php a distinguished lawyer, took office from the liberal and largely pacifist J.B. Walusimbi, he promised to rally Baganda to engage in commercial activities to transform their livelihoods and Kingdom.

Mayiga’s ascendance to the highest political seat in the powerful Kingdom came against the backdrop of intermittent clashes with Central government – the peak being the 2009 clashes between nationalist Buganda youth and Uganda’s armed forces.

The street battles ignited by the central government’s blocking of Kabaka Ronald Mutebi from attending a youth celebration in Kayunga left a trail of unprecedented destruction of property and untold bloodshed.

The bloody confrontation was seen as the climax of boiling tensions that had built up for years especially during the reign of the opposition-leaning and radical premier, Dan Muliika.

Upon taking up the mantle in 2013, Mayiga embarked on an ambitious campaign to transform the Kingdom whose subjects continue to struggle with poverty.

He managed to complete Masengere Plaza in Katwe that brings in revenues in terms of rent.

Mayiga also oversaw the reconstruction of the burnt Kasubi Tombs. And works continue on MuzibuAzaalaMpanga—the main mausoleum.


These projects were largely facilitated by the Ettoffaali fundraising drive initiated by Mayiga.

However, what was seen as an ambitious drive to raise funds from locals to turn around the kingdom could expedite Mayiga’s downfall.

This week, media reports indicated that Mayiga had been blocked from collecting Ettoffaali.

But in a statement issued by Buganda Kingdom spokesperson, Noah Kiyimba, “Buganda Kingdom halted the Ettoffaali fundraise drives for the remaining part of this year to enable Katikkiro Charles Peter Mayiga attend to urgent issues that could not be postponed. The decision to halt the fundraising drives was Katikkiro Mayiga’s.

“The office of the Katikkiro as Kiganda norms dictate is responsible for running the Kingdom on behalf of Kabaka.  As Principal Advisor to Ssaabasajja Kabaka, there is a lot of work that needed to be urgently handled by the Katikkiro himself,” he added.

Kiyimba further pointed out that raising money in Ettoffaali events as important as it is, is not the sole duty of the Katikkiro and that Kabaka didn’t not instruct the Katikkiro to stop the Ettoffaali drives as reported by a local daily.

“The Kabaka has on several occasions urged all the people of Buganda to support the Katikkiro’s efforts in developing our Kingdom and country,” he noted.


A ChimpReports Investigation indicates that Mayiga is being fought from different corners due to political and cultural reasons.

According to palace insiders, when Katikkiro came to power, he directed that access to Kabaka by all members of the public including most royal family members must granted only by himself.

This annoyed many who wanted access to the Kabaka to listen to their concerns or seek favors.

“Mayiga tactfully decided to restrict access to the Kabaka so as to shield himself from those who would wish to report his conduct to the King,” said a source.

Whether this claim is true or not, many who felt being sidelined chose to put up a fight with the view of toppling Katikkiro.

The second reason as to why sections of Baganda want Mayiga removed from office is the failure to finish work at Kasubi Tombs.

Despite mobilising billions of shillings from UNESCO, Uganda government and the public, work continues at the Masiro.

Palace sources say the Kabaka was informed that the construction works at the tombs had turned into a cash cow for Mayiga and his cronies.

But Kiyimba argued that Ettoffaali is “probably the most transparent initiative in the region and the continent,” adding, “Every penny collected is accounted for.”

He said the first level of accounting is by announcing how much and from who has been collected publicly.

“Money received and spent is accounted for in a transparent manner. We indicate cheques that are not honoured (bounced) or where people make pledges and they don’t deliver on their promise. We even indicate bank charges and lots of other small details.”

Palace rebellion

The revolt against Mayiga is said to have been started by Prince David Alexander Ssimbwa, the son of Kabaka  Daudi Chwa II; Prince Bamweyana Walugembe; Mutebi Ssekamaanya (son of prince Hannington Mutebi); Princess Gladys Nandawula (daughter of prince John Lukanga and grandson of Daudi Chwa II.).

Others are Edward Ndawula Kimera, Paul Lukenge Katoogo, Kajumba Genza, Luwaga, Ndagire, Nakibinge, Bannaava and Bassaava.

They accuse Mayiga of blocking them from overseeing the management of works at Kasubi tombs, saying such moves are disrespectful of royals.

The groups further claims that Mayiga formed a special committee to manage the tombs without consulting them before kicking out royals.

Mayiga is also faulted for not speaking out against immorality in the country including homosexuality.

They said when the international community rose up in arms against the Anti-gay law, Mayiga remained mute.

“Mayiga should have showed responsibility as a leader to condemn this vice. Instead, he just travelled abroad to beg for money (Ettoffaali project),” said Lukenge in a document sent to this website recently.

“These actors are opposed our cultural norms which threatens the future of Buganda as a tradition and kingdom. He should have condemned them.”

Mayiga is also accused of presiding over “royal functions organised by Nnabagereka Sylvia Nagginda yet he is not a royal member.”

The premier is equally blamed for “cultivating a ground for a begging culture in the Kingdom yet Buganda can take care of itself.”

Lukenge noted: “When a child over begs, it embarrasses the parents.”

He also blamed Mayiga for travelling in a “large convoy of security men from government,” adding, “We don’t think he is one of us. Why is he worried of moving around freely with his people?”

However, insiders say this group is opposed to Mayiga as he has blocked them from selling land for personal benefit.

Mayiga was not readily available for comment.

However, his supporters said the premier has blocked greedy royal members from meeting the Kabaka.

“These princes and princess are just selfish. They did not appoint Mayiga. How on earth can they imagine that he will be overthrown? He asked people to voluntarily contribute money to develop Mengo’s income-generating projects. But these greedy people want free money to spend at their will,” said a royal member who preferred anonymity so as to speak freely.

“Buganda is not for princes but all of us. Whoever puts his needs above Buganda’s interests is an enemy of the kingdom,” the source added.

Other informers told us that Mayiga is equally facing resistance from radical opposition groups over his close ties with President Museveni.

It was during Mayiga’s reign that titles for Buganda properties were transferred to the Kingdom from the central government.


With Mayiga’s position at Mengo threatened, there is fear the Ettoffaali project may collapse.

However, in his Tuesday statement, Kiyimba said the Katikkiro and his team have decided that the fundraisers will resume next year.

He said speople can still contribute their Ettoffaali by taking it to Bulange or depositing it in banks where the Kindom has accounts.

“Through Ettoffaali, major achievements have been accomplished. Ettoffaali enabled the renovation of both Kasubi and Wamala Royal Tombs, which were lying in ruins and a source of ridicule,” said Kiyimba.

He revealed that at Kasubi, a perimeter wall fence has been erected on 64 acres and modern houses for caretakers have been built; and a modern solar system is in place as well as a huge water tank reservoir.

“There are still on-going works on MuzibuAzaalaMpanga—the main mausoleum. The main reason for the delays at Kasubi is the norms that must be followed to the letter while rebuilding the tombs. We are very hopeful that the works will be complete soon,” he explained.

He said through Ettoffaali, Buganda has been able to complete the Masengere building – a structure that had not been completed in 40 years.

“This building was an eyesore to all Kabaka’s people. We also managed to set up a new TV station at Mmengo using Ettoffaali.”

Kiyimba said it is through Ettoffaali that Kabaka’s people have been mobilised and united. In every county, people acknowledge that the messages Katikkiro delivers have enabled them work harder by restarting banana and coffee plantations.

“They have been encouraged to take their children to school and seek better health care. Because of Ettoffaali, Kabaka’s subjects are united as one people. Their hopes have been restored and they are all willing to work together to rebuild themselves, their Kingdom, and the country.”

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