Invest In Yourselves – French Ambassador Urges Ugandans

The French Ambassador to Uganda Stephanie Rivoal has advised Ugandans to invest in themselves and stop waiting for government to help them.

Mrs Rivoal asked Ugandans to join in various economic liberation initiatives, and to make innovate investments.

“Entrepreneurship is essential to the growth of a country and the future of Uganda. Start now, invest, innovate, put in more collective efforts and the results will be tremendous for not only Uganda but the whole of Africa” she said.

Ambassador Rivoal was speaking as chief guest at the awards dinner for the DFCU Battel for Cash on Thursday at the Kampala Serena Hotel.

She noted that Uganda’s population presents an incredible opportunity to spur growth and achieve Vision 2040.

“Government together with the private sector can make this dream a reality through policies and ventures that favor entrepreneurship, innovation, sustainable investments and a savings culture among the population”.

Currently Uganda has the worst saving culture in East Africa of just 5 percent. Kenyans according to studies, save about 23 percent of their earnings, Tanzanians 13 percent and Rwanda 18 percent.

In the DFCU battel for cash, Shs 100 million was set aside for prize money for investment clubs, with the overall winner walking away with Shs. 25 Million.


DFCU Bank introduced the investment clubs program in 2017 providing a platform to foster group savings.

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