Inventors Urged To Utilize Quality Research Databases

Inventors have been urged to utilize quality research databases not only to accelerate innovativeness but to avoid infringement related issues.

This call was made at the Technology & Innovation Support Centres (TISCS) workshop held at Imperial Royale hotel.

The function was organized by Uganda Registration Services Bureau (URSB) on Friday.

James Lubwama, the URSB senior patents examiner says a number of local innovations cannot fair well, owing to a number of reasons. To enjoy a competitive advantage, Lubwama advises originators to take time and register their works with the registry body.

Though this is the case, he says inventors must ensure that their products have not been invented before and anywhere for the same purpose.

Consequently, here research comes in handy.

“You will realize whether what you are embarking on is new or an improvement. It will also inform you whether your product can suit environment needs”, Lubwama explains.

For originators on one hand and Uganda on the other to benefit from such works, Lubwama says they must be patented.


A patent is an exclusive right granted by law to originators so as exploit their inventions for a limited period of time usually not more than 20 years.

For a commodity or process to qualify as a patent, it must new, non-obvious to person not skilled and useful.

Having established an Intellectual Property office in 2106, Joseph Mbihaiyeimana a National Agricultural Research Organisation (NARO) IP official says this move has paid off.

With a robust system, Mbihaiyeimana says the entity now is harnessing returns from research breakthroughs and agricultural innovations. This has detached them from donor dependency.

Mbihaiyeimana says on top of establishing regional NARO offices, a number of technologies have since been registered.

With this complete, vigorous commercialization of these works is next in line.

“So far we have 8 registered with the national office for patents and 2 have so far been granted. We have had one copyright registered and a number of trademarks”


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