INTERVIEW: X-FM’s Deejay Ali Breezy Talks Love, Career

If you are fond of Vision Group’s X-FM and Bukedde TV, then you could have heard Deejay Ali Breezy’s mixes or seen his face at least every day of the week.

24 year old Ali breezy real name Ssejemba Ali is the last born in a family of four and was born and raised in Kawempe by a single mother.

He attended Kawempe Mbogo Primary School, Bilal Islamic School in Kawempe, and Kawempe Muslim Secondary School.

Ali, who by high school was already a deejay, did not join university because by end of senior six, he already knew what he wanted.  “I had already discovered what I wanted to be,”

He would later join Vision Group working with XFM and later Bukedde Television as a deejay. He has also worked with Face TV.

He is also Bell Jamz official deejay. Unlike other deejays, Ali is only out when it is work. “I have a lot of work to do than keep in the bar.”

He met with ChimpLyf’s Shamim Kawalha in Kawempe to discuss his life, relationships and career as a young deejay.

When did you realize that deejaying was what you wanted to do?


I was a producer of my own and I made some jams for my musicians (laughs). I used my brother’s laptop to create beats. As a kid, I liked music and I also attended to my brother’s library where I used to cut CDs for deejays which made them like me a lot. I knew every new song that was released and even old ones.

So one day I was pushing some deejays to play on an event and they got drunk hours before the event. I was then asked to step in for them. It was a shock because I had never played before rather than watch them move buttons.

I took a deep breath and took on the machine, and to my surprise people liked my mixing and praised me later.

It was a blessing and before I knew it, I was always playing as a side deejay for some people. Here we are today.

Ali Breezy is one of the youngest Deejays around town

So how did you tell your mum that you wanted to become a deejay?

It wasn’t hard. She was my number one fan even at home if anyone wanted a song she would say, ‘ask Ali”. So she supported me and when I said I didn’t want to go to university she was okay as long as I earned.

How much were you earning by that time?

I know you won’t believe me if I told you that I only earned Shs.5, 000 per day. It was after I started working at Hi Table Bar along Kampala Road that I started earning. At that time it was a lot for me and I was happy to get that. I had to get transport, lunch, and later go back home in the wee hours of the morning.

It was a wondering experience that I still tell it.

How did you land that job at Hi Table?

It was through Deejay Sam who asked me to help him with machines and CDs because I knew music. As time went by, he asked me to play before the visiting deejays and I would later stay behind to arrange the machines. So one day he decided to leave and told management that I replace him. I became the house deejay hence the payment.

So when was your breakthrough?

It was when I joined XFM. People began listening to my work and giving more gigs outside. When I joined in 2014 I only had two shows on Saturday and Sunday. Two years later I joined Bukedde TV and I now even feature in Kampala sun.

Chimplyf’s shamim Kawalha taking a selfie with Ali Breezy

So how much are you paid per gig?

I should tell you that at the end of the month I earn more than most people. At my age, I have some things to show off and be proud of my earnings.

Things to show off, Ali tell us more?

Did you see my mini Pajero as you walked in (he points at his silver Pajero parked in a shade). I also have investments that keep me moving, I have a big family to take care including my mother. It is every kid’s dream to take care of his parent. I also bought a golden pioneer controller machine which most deejays don’t have.

How has fame treated you so far?

I don’t feel famous. Maybe my name is known but my face isn’t known which means I have been able to live my life the way I want to. I think 10% of people know my name not face. Some even think I am a fat man and they would be surprised to see how I look.

How is that possible?

It’s not a must that deejays have to be known by their faces but rather their names and works. Even when I am out they don’t see me, some of them are too high to see and remember my face.

Talking of drinking, do you use drugs?

I am a Muslim who wouldn’t want to associate with drugs. All my life I haven’t thought about such a thing. You, too, can see me that I am fresh.

Do you have a woman in your life?
Yes, I do, we have been together for three years and I am praying it turns out to be forever.

Who is this lucky girl?

I wouldn’t want to say her name. She is a private person who only wants to slay on her own. She keeps her life to herself but she is a kind, hardworking young lady every man would want to end up with. I am glad she is in my life.

Ali Breezy with his Golden Pioneer machine

Are you two staying together or have plans of marriage?

We shall one day but telling you now would spoil everything (laughing out loud).

What do you do with girls that crush on you?

Most girls know that I have someone in my life. So I keep them as my sisters and fans. By the way most of my team is made up of girls and they support me from the heart and I respect it.

Have you ever done something stupid for love?

I think I am not that romantic. I haven’t done anything stupid yet but when I love someone I mean it.

What challenges have gone through as a deejay?

My biggest challenge was elbows from the big names in the industry. They never want to pave way for young deejays out of fear that they might play better than them. So they take long on stage and by the time they leave, you only have a few minutes to play. It is heart breaking by the way, even when you are at the same work place they make you hate it. They will hold you back.

What are your favorite Ugandan songs currently?

Mataala by Winnie Nwagi, Love again- Fille, Mukwano Gwo-Vinka, Muliwa –Hipnature and Heart of a winner by B2C.

And in old songs, I will never get enough of Grace Nakimera’s Kivakuki, One time by Peter Miles, Nubian Queen- Mr Mosh and You are the one by Michael Ross.

Which female celebrities have you crushed on?

It has to be Grace Nakimera.

Any word to your fans?

Those people have loved and supported me from day one. They have become family and now team, we do everything together, they help me select songs and be there when I need them. I am grateful; I am working hard so that we succeed together. We shall get to the dream. (He said before handing the interviewer a black t-shirt with his logo on it).

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