INTERVIEW: Women Do Not Take Me Serious-Photoshop Master Sesa Bat

Born 1st December 1990, Tonda Nasser Kizito alias Sesa Bat is a humble and self-motivated Muslim who was raised by a single mother.

He was born in a family of three and is the last born who for some reasons has been the mother’s favorite kid.

He attended Godfrey Primary School Nansana, Universal Girls’ School Nansana and later joined Merryland High School in Entebbe for higher education before joining Makerere University for bachelor’s degree in Community Psychology.

“After my dad’s death, my uncle wanted to marry my mum but she refused and we ran away from home. That is how we begun the hustle.”

He is a social media comedian who reaches people’s hearts through Photoshop and funny videos or emojis.

Last week, he posted on social media how unidentified people had attacked him on his way home and beaten him to near death.

He later revealed that it was all a stunt after his family and friends reached out to him out of worry.

Sesa Bat is a kind and warm soul who is positive about working hard and living a simple but happy life.


He owns his own a restaurant at Bagala shopping arcade in Ntinda called Snack and Fare where he employs over five people including himself.

Dressed in a black T-shirt and blue denim jeans, Sesa Bat met up with ChimpLyf’s Shamim Kawalha in Ntinda to discuss his life, career and relationships.

Sesa Bat claimed to have been attacked

How did you end up photo-shopping people?

It’s my passion and it’s comes so natural. I never woke up and I said I wanted to start Photoshop; it was a mistake on my phone. When I photo-shopped myself with Rihanna, people liked it. They loved and shared it and I said why can’t I do more of these? I was always a creative kid who wanted to do new songs; I composed poems, drama skits which earned me bursaries.

Haven’t you been intimated by the people you imitate?

Sometimes I annoy people but I don’t think I have reached a point of being beaten. These photos I make somehow sell them because people will want to see the original photos of that person.

How did you come up with a photo of you being beaten?

I saw a picture of myself looking weird and I was like I should make it worse, so I took it to social media and wrote some words and shared. Alas, I got the reaction I wanted, I wanted to see how people reacted when I am n a bad condition I dint want to  reach on my death bed so that I know that people care about me.

Sesa Bat with his girlfriend before they broke up

Why the name Sesa Bat?

My friends at school thought I should be called Sesa because I make people laugh a lot with my words, that’s how I ended up with it.

When was your breakthrough?

When I did emoji pictures were my breakthrough many people like them and I realized that people understood my talent. I wanted to create something new on social media.

What Challenges have you faced so far?

Girls don’t think I can impregnate anyone; they even don’t take me serious at any point.

Who is the favorite celebrity that you have photo-shopped?

It was Zari and Diamond when they came out of a shower and I photo-shopped my head with Diamond, it looked so real and I loved it since I crushed on her. She even once commented on my post of her Tulambule.

Sesa Bat says this is his photo-shop piece so far

By the way, how did you end up in a single girl’s school?

By then there were a few boys like five to ten. The school was in a process of turning into mixed but they hadn’t granted it a license so I was asked to always hide myself when KCCA comes around. So I came in during the final term and I even mimed during the leaver’s party and I became a celebrity. That is how I got a girlfriend. We however broke up in vacation; we lost contact I hear she is now married and a mother of two and yet I don’t have anyone special.

Have you found a girl since then?

I had a girl called Rugyema Mulungi who I loved so much (showing me some photos from his phone) these pictures went viral on social media. We broke up but I still have her pictures.

The two were in love that everyone thought they would end up together

What happened exactly?

She had a different personality; used to tell me that her mum wanted a low-key guy who wears suits and was not a social media person. Her mum influenced her so much. She really loved me but it got a certain point and she changed and I understand.

How is the breakup treating you?

I really don’t feel bad because I feel everything has its own time and it ended. May be my beautiful woman hasn’t been born yet. We broke on good terms. I still believe there is someone for me out there who celebrates my social life and will take me as I am. Someone who supports me and won’t judge me because I know we all can’t be the same. My woman is in Uber coming to me.

Where do you see yourself in a few years?

I am somewhere where I wanted to be, I want to be in Hollywood and show the whites that Africans are creative and hard thinkers too. Social media is a way to go and I also do dance videos to promote songs for musicians and they are received very well. (He plays a video of Apass’s Guli wano). When dancing to music I feel it in me.

How has social media been helpful to you?

I have over hundreds of followers who share my work every day. It has helped me to get creative and get new things every day. It’s through it that I get deals where I earn from my work. I will also show people on how to earn from social media too.

What was your mother’s reaction when she saw your first Photoshop?

We are a photocopy of each other, she always checks out my work and when she realized that I can earn she was even impressed. She celebrates my talent and personality and she thinks I am just like her. When I used to be a rapper she paid for my studio sessions in my primary seven vacation. It’s one thing that keeps me moving that my family members are my fans.

Sesa Bat with ChimpLyf’s Shamim Khawala after the interview

However my father’s side didn’t like what I was doing, they called me for a meeting that I was going against Islam by wearing dresses as a man. They asked me to stop doing what I was doing but I called my sister and told her I love what I do and they let me be.

Have you ever practiced what you studied at University?

I have practiced in like two companies but I haven’t earned from it a lot. These days we go to school for the sake but we end up doing something else.

Let’s talk girls, dark or light skins?

I prefer light ones, all my ex-girlfriends are light.

Short hair or long hair?
Short hair all the way, long hair looks disturbing.

What can’t you go a day without?
Gym, I wake up early and hit the gym before I go to work because I know the rest of the day I will be sitting.

Do you use drugs at any point?

Hell no, I have never even thought about it I am pure inside.

Have you had girls who crush on you yet?

The things I hear or get are that “oh sesa you kill me” but one girl told me she wanted me to kill her romantically and it was funny. Many of them don’t find me serious so they even don’t have time to play with me.

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